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$50 SPECIAL One Hour Massage When You Make Your Appointment Online

(Note:  Due to inflation the price has increased)





$50 One Hour Special
Valid Only When You Make Your Appointment Online
(Otherwise you will be charged regular price of $90 to $130)
  • You schedule yourself online by clicking on the "Appointment" tab.
  • Combining other discounts may not be applied to the $48.00 one hour discount rate.   All other discounts is applied to regular prices.




All Gift Cards have no expiration dates &
company are not responsible for any lost gift certificate(s).

$50 One Hour Special
Valid towards these services only
Deep Tissue
Stress Relief
Prenatal Massage 






Click here to schedule your appointment online.


  • You will receive an e-mail reminder of  the appointment you made.
  • You may cancel and reschedule at your own convenience.
  • Only the days and times available will show up on the calendar.
  • Day and time not available will not show up on the calendar.  You will need to make another choice for your appointment.
Office:  912.510.0264
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    • You will receive a call back to confirm your appointment.
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Note:  Specials and discounts can not be combined