Restoration Hands of Aloha (RHOA) Medical Massage

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Office relocated to Soncel Homes building (also known as "Clock Towers") located behind of Apple Bees.

If you take the elevator to the second floor, turn left to "North Wing," to suite 206
If you take the stairway, turn right to "North Wing" to suite 206
Address:  140 Lakes Blvd, Suite 206, Kingsland, GA  31548

Phone Number:  (912) 510-0264  






140 Lakes Blvd, Suite 206
Kingsland, GA  31548

  • Coming off the freeway, at the stop light by Apple Bees, turn left.  
  • Pass Apple Bees and Soncel Homes Building (also known as "Clock Tower").
  • Take the immediate right after passing Clock Tower building.
  • You may walk upstairs to the second floor or take the elevator to the second floor to suite 206.