Restoration Hands of Aloha (RHOA) Medical Massage

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Medical Massage ~ Integrative Care


Pain Management


  • Pain relief or pain management

  • Stress reduction or relaxation

  • Soreness, stiffness, spasms

  • Injury recovery, rerhabilitation

  • Keep fit, healthy, wellness

  • Prevention, improve quality of life

  • Control headaches, migraines

  • Prenatal




Chronic pain management

  • Back pain

    • Studies demonstrate that medical massage therapy can reduced low back pain with significant improvement in acute and subacute low back pain or function after medical massage therapy.


  • Neck and shoulder pain

    • Resulted in improvements in pain and range of motion.

    • Can also help relieve cervicogenic headaches caused by neck pain.



  • Headache & migraines

    • Significant reductions in stress, anxiety and depression, associated with headache pain.

    • Greater reductions in migraine frequency and improved sleep quality resulted.


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    • Study showed twice a week treatment resulted in significantly reduced pain and increased functional activity.


    • Osteoarthritis

      • Pain from the slow degeneration of the knee joint is reduced with medical massage therapy.

      • Less pain and stiffness, and enhanced function results.

      • Medical massage therapy with exercise showed significant improvement on the pain scale.


    • Fibromyalgia

      • Medical massage can relieve pain.

        • A study indicated that mayofascial release has positive effects on fibromyalgia symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression.

        • Experts recommends massage therapist be regular partners in a team-based treatment of syndrome with physicians, psychologists and physical and exercise therapists.





    • Hospice

      • Provide comfort and easing pain

      • stress

      • depression

        • Study found massage therapy reduced the need for administration of rescue doses for pain and anxiety and improved well-being in palliative care patients.

        • Massage therapy as part of a comprehensive approach to decreasing pain and improving quality of life.


    Behavioral Health Treatment

    • Anxiety and stress

      • Medical massage therapy has shown to help reduce stress and anxiety while simultaneously addressing related physical repercussions.


    • Depression


    • PTSD

      • Medical massage therapy helped military veterans significantly reduce anxiety, depression, worry and physical pain.

      • Delining levels of tension and irritability.

      • 2016 study study of Mission Reconnect program for military veterans showed significant improvements in measures of PTSD and signnificat reductions in self-reported levels of pain, tension, irritability, anxiety and depression.



    • Substance use disorder recovery

      • Medical massage therapy may also be helpful for people who are recovering from substance use, specifically when they are dealing with withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, stress and sleep problems that often accompany recovery.


    Care for Rehabilitation or Physical Training

    • Sports injuries with some form of ligament tears, sub-acute back pain, etc were able to recover from their injuries through a combination of physical therapy, exercise and medical massage.


    Ergonomics and Job-Related Injuries

    • Injuries can occur due to ergonomic configurations in the workplace (.g., poor configurations of office space, or workers in assembly lines who perform repetitive functions in awkward positions).

      • Injuries can lead to acute and chronic issues, such as neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

      • Workers who are receiving workers' compensation for injuries incurred on the job may seek medical massage therapy to aid in their recovery if referred by a physican as a medical necessary as a potential means of getting the individual back to the workplace.



    Medical Massage & Studies

    Durability of Effect of Massage Therapy on Blood Pressure link - click here





    Medical Massage is massage that is performed under the directive of a physician. As such, the massage session follows a doctor visit and is usually for pain management and corrective therapy due to an injury or medical condition.


    Medical Massage is prescribed by a physician, and that alone makes it different from other forms of massage therapy. Also, Medical Massage is entirely outcome based, meaning clients do not book time-based appointments for 30, 60 or 90 minutes for example. In this regard, the Medical Massage therapist works more like a chiropractor, physician or physical therapist.


    Medical Massage sessions are prescription-specific, which means the session may be as short as 25 to 45 minutes. The prescription deems the session medically necessary.


    The benefits of Medical Massage is the ability to get well. Generally speaking, doctors do not perform medical massage therapy. When a doctor is presented with a musculoskeletal injury, which massage therapy can benefit, a Certified Medical Massage practitioner can be a trusted ally to the doctor and to the patient.


     Disability & Injury cases

    • Prescription will be faxed to your doctor upon request
    • Progress notes will be sent to your doctor upon request
    • Bring in your doctor's presecription to the office and we will discuss matters further.
    • We will work with you and render quality clinical service to you and your love ones.
    • Payment plan available upon request
    • Work comp provider, claims will be initiated with doctor's prescription.
    • Vehical accidents for muscle spams, pain, etc - claims filed with doctor's prescription.
    • Slip and falls in business and home, claims filed with doctor's prescription.





    Who Can Benefit from Clinical Sports Massage?

    Clinical Sports Massage is generally associated with various kinds of sports and athletics, almost anyone who is physically active can benefit from the techniques of sports massage. 

    Potential populations include not only professional and top amateur athletes, but also dancers, those involved in fitness activities (weightlifting, running), recreational sports (biking, skiing, backpacking) and the many physically demanding activities. 

    In addition, clinical sports massage techniques developed through working with athletes can be adapted to address common injuries and complaints associated with daily living and aging populations.



    What is medical or clinical massage?

    Medical or clinical  massage is not general relaxation massage; it is anatomically precise and patient specific. The medical massage therapist combines education, training, and experience to create an integrative therapy approach to reducing the patient's soft-tissue related to individual assessment plan using corrective and restorative paradigm meeting the individual needs.  Other licensed health practitioners highly recommend that you ask and check their credentials  for advance training.