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I have been to several chiropractors with this pain in my back and my leg that is getting worst each time.  But you treated me and I can lift my legs and walk and the pain is gone.  Thank you so much. Troy

I just thought I'd say a quick thank you to Audrey for helping me through the first part of my pregnancy before we had to move.  With her help I made it through haha and we now have a beautiful little girl :D  Also I have yet to find a therapist who can hold a candle to my therapist.  I miss her for her magic hands and her wonderful spirit alike :)    Stephanie W.



After the therapist worked on my lower back and legs I can walk much better with no pain.  She worked on my abdomen and ribs I can breath much better.  She worked on my neck and my neck has no pain.  She has bless hands. S.J. FL


I'm here visiting family.  My sister told me about you and how you have helped her.  Thank you for helping me with my lower back.  L.S.  Ohio


My hip was bothering me down to my knee.  You helped me after the session.  I feel no pain.  Thank you.   B.L.  Waycross



My left shoulder and arm was in pain.  After the session, I felt no pain and no muscle spasm.  Thank you Audrey for helping me.  K.S. GA



This is the best massage I ever had and I had many all over the states.   Mike,. Yulee



After the session I was able to turn my head from side to side.  I was not able to do this for a long time.  Thank you very much.  I'm coming back.  T.M. Jacksonville, FL



You have helped my brother a great deal.  Thank you very much. Carol



Thanks to my therapist, you have been helping me with my fibromyalgia.  I am able to sleep better.  Thank you so much.  Sara, GA

I had this curvature in my back since I was 9 years old and it progressed with pain.  Thanks to you and Dr. Cavalier for referring me to you.   I feel so much better and I don't take pain medication. I am able to do more and not end up with pain like I did before.  Now I am able to do more activities.  Thank you Audrey.   Eileen, GA



What a wonderful massage I had today.  Thank you very much. Carole S, GA

Thank you so much for your pain management treatment to my back.  I had this back ache since I was a teenager.  You know what you are doing.  It's not a regular type of massage, you are as you say, "Medical massage practitioner."  You are very knowledgable.  Thank you so much.  After that treatment, my back did not hurt.  You have no idea what you have done for me.  Steve, MI

I had massages all over Europe and this is the best massage I ever had.   Julie, RN
I suffered with back pain with numbness, pain and my shoulder area too for years.  Medical massage has helped me a lot.  I use to take pain pill every day, and now I go without pain for days.  Medical massage really helped me.  Willie, GA



My medical massage therapist made me  feel so much better!!!  For the 1st time in 5 days, I can bite down on the right side of my mouth without excruciating pain!!!!  I can't thank you enough for your love, mercy and compassion!!!!  You have the Hands of God touching you as you pray and work on your friends!!!  God Bless....Blessings and love, Mary, GA



I ride horses, and the isometric contraction makes my back very tight.  After my medical massage, not only was I able to sleep, but I also had a greater range of motion through my seat, pelvis, & shoulder, all of which helped improve my riding.  Lara M, Washington, D.C.



You are the Best therapist I've ever had the pleasure to know.  I appreciate your talent and caring.  My hip feels so "like new" since you worked the kinks out.  I hope you are having a great week!  See you in a few weeks.  Vicki F., GA



Made me feel like new.  Corey, GA



Wonderful experience each and every time!  Harold, FL
Very thorough/strong massage.  Muscles very relaxed! W.A. L, GA

My body has been wracked with pain for the past year. I have a lumbar injury, plus in the past year I’ve had 4 surgeries for breast cancer, 6 months of chemotherapy and 8 weeks of radiation therapy. I also work full time and I have 3 school aged sons at home. I’ve been taking lots of pain medications just to make it through… one day at a time. I’ve needed some SERIOUS one-on-one rehabilitation, and physical therapy clinics just don’t provide that much attention to their patients needs.  

A friend referred me to RHOA, and I made an appointment via their website. I was very impressed that my medical massage therapist uses ETPS therapy in conjunction with deep tissue massage. I have had this therapy in the past upon recommendation from my Neurologist/Neurosurgeon about 4 years ago. This is a relatively new therapy and few therapists are qualified to use it. This therapy LITERALLY saved me from having back surgery in 2004.

My medical massage therapist worked on my back, hips and shoulders for one hour. Even you said that she couldn’t believe that I was walking around with all of my muscles so tight! She was very respectful of my modesty. She asked me several times if I was handling the pain okay, or if she needed to be gentler. She found knotted up muscles that I didn’t even know I had, and she worked very hard for that full hour. In the end, she even taught me new stretches and exercises to do at home to help improve my mobility and keep me well.  After one hour with you, my mobility has increased remarkably. I am able to do stretches that were very painful for me to attempt before my appointment. The deep, penetrating pain that I have been suffering has really diminished. I am confident that with a few more visits, I will be completely back to my old self, and I will be able to enjoy my life so much more. My children will have their playful mommy back again! Thank you so much for helping me!     Sandra P., Woodbine, GA 



The best I have ever had.  Please keep up the good work.  You are very much appreciated.  Karen T. GA



I didn't realize how much my left side was out.  What a wonderful difference! William M.Ga




(All the glory goes to God our Father in Heaven.  He is the healer, I am his instrument. Audrey)
Helping Hands is an understatement!  Best massage ever, right to the soreness and relief.  Michele H., GA

Very tired legs and tight shoulders.   Intense but relaxing at the same time.  Mamie N., GA



This medical massage really helped relieve my tension.  She did a wonderful job and I will certainly be back.  Dana H. GA



I can't believe what my medical thearpist has done for my health!  I feel so good when I go home from RHOA.  Barbara F.,, GA



Thank you.  Very relaxing.  My shoulders feel much better.  Thanks!!  Jennifer F., GA



Thanks for the excellent service.  Back muscles feel much better.  David F., GA



My medical therapist really takes care of me when I come in.  I love her.  Carol E.,  GA



The only great massage available in Camden County.  Nothing here comes close to my medical therapist.  Larry S., GA



Thanks to my medical therapist, I feel so great with my health.  I come down to Kingsland from N.J. And never miss a chance to visit her.  Thanks a lot.  Ket H., N.J.



I always  feel so much better after your deep muscle massage.  I love it!   Rhetta S., GA



"I enjoy the island hospitality and spirit of Aloha while being healed and relaxed!"  "Keeps me from coming back!"  Melisa G., GA



"The best for pregnant women!"  Linda C. FL 
I suffered from low back pain for many years. I have tried many alternatives and none had really helped me as much as the 1hr massage sessions with my medical massage therapist.. She has helped me to manage my pain, make me feel more comfortable and even sleep better. I recommend her to anyone that suffers from chronic pain like I do."  Darcy K. GA

“I injured my back at work. I had seen an orthopedic physician. I was referred to physical therapy, which I went for seven weeks total. My back felt better at the beginning then it started feeling worse. My physician then referred me to Restoration Hands of Aloha Massage Clinic. I needed deep tissue massage therapy due to the strain in my back. The first visit I did not know what to expect, but I felt better after already. The second visit I was sore, so I went home and drank plenty of water and used Biofreeze rub on my back to help with the soreness. After the third visit I felt like I was twenty years younger! I could wash my back, and clean my bathtub without my husbands help. I am using muscles that I could not use in years. I personally would recommend this company to anyone whom has injured their back or any part of their body. It is a wonderful place! It’s calming, relaxing, and the therapy provided is wonderful. I want to thank the staff, they are very helpful.”  Theresa G., GA





"Thank you for getting me back on my feet so quickly! I pulled a lower back muscle and needed to be mobile so that I could perform in a play two days after the injury. You "fixed" it so that I could walk on stage and perform for three shows and I am so very grateful! I will continue to recommend you and your restoring hands to everyone I know!" Margaret B., GA

My medical massage therapist is like a saint. She has been blessed with the gift of healing people. She is a giver and I believe in her ethics, her work, her beliefs, and her spirit. She means only well and is such a joyful person. She knows what she is doing and she is very good at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone for therapeutic services. Whether it be that you have a lot of physical problems that require therapy and healing, or you just want a day of relaxation. I would highly suggest giving it a try for yourself and see just how wonderful of a place this is.  Restoration Hands of Aloha........ Try it out- and Real-lax!" Christine A., GA




“A massage is a wonderful thing to do for yourself!” Tammy G., GA




“I suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain. While visiting my daughter in St.Mary’s, GA, I was a few miles from home and my doctors. Through friends I found Restoration Hands of Aloha Massage Clinic. Being as I’m visiting from Honolulu, I was right at home! The deep tissue massage was wonderful! Knots were removed from my lower back and neck, making it comfortable to walk again! Technique and professionalism were amazing. . After walking daily routines, my right leg seems to shorten; now they are even again. The pain is now bearable and that’s GREAT! The  “Aloha Spirit” is alive and well in Georgia!”  Marie M. GA




“The people here are wonderful and the service is fabulous. I am six months pregnant and just like any pregnant woman my back and feet hurt. I have received a prenatal massage and when it was over I felt great. I wasn’t in pain. I was relaxed and the best part about the whole thing is that they treat you like a friend, not like another payment. Their atmosphere is great, very soothing and relaxed. Restoration Hands of Aloha will always be the first place I turn to.”      Kristin L., GA

 “You guys treat everyone like family.  You're awesome!” Samantha W. GA

  “My medical massage therapist is a very gifted and special person. She has mastered the process of identifying the individual needs of her clients and applying her experienced hands that produce results. You and the staff of RHOA have made a huge difference in my quality of life. Thank You!”    Jim L. 


“I walk into Restoration Hands of Aloha usually in some sort of pain, but when I leave I feel Pain Free! My medical massage therapist is wonderful and cares how you feel.”  Christine D., GA




“She has given me amazing relief from chronic back pain associated with curvature of the spine, with her massage and non invasive acupuncture treatments. She is a kind, gentle person whose hands are a conduit for healing.” Eileen K. GA



It was wonderful and very relaxing. I highly recommend it.  She is very knowledgeable and I feel she knows what she is doing and can achieve favorable results for people. I look forward to my next visit.” Susan T. GA

She has been wonderful to me. Not only does she make me feel welcome and special, she also gives my body whatever it needs to release built up tension. I am a teacher and have a very hectic life. As a result, I constantly build up tension between my shoulders and in my upper back. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t sleep and even feel sick to my stomach.  Because she knows various techniques, she does not have to rely on just one and can use whatever technique(s) will relieve the stress. YOU’RE AWESOME!     Michelle G. GA



"My therapist is a gem. As a result of my profession, I have had massages all over the world. Ms. Audrey is one of the most attentive and professional massage therapists that I have encountered. I am a pretty big guy and like massages that go deep to release built up tension. Although Ms. Audrey is a petite woman, she can really apply the pressure! She is wonderful, and I feel relaxed and revitalized after each visit with her."     - Greg G. GA


“After experiencing “the magic”  hands (of Aloha), I felt as though I had lost 5lbs and grown taller. It has been a long time since I felt like I really wanted to run. To be virtually pain free brings new life to a “bod”(body)! She greets you with a big hug and smile. That’s therapeutic.  Berthiness J. GA

"I have tried many different locations for hip pain relief and RHOA was the only one that really has helped me. You have done wonders for me."     Barbara F, GA

"Very, very good ok!"   Julius S. GA

“Very professional, excellent massage, I feel wonderful – no sore spots!”   Rhetta S.


“Great massage! I enjoyed the added non-invasive acupuncture. It really made a difference. Thank You so much!”   Laurie G. GA

“Always Good! Very relaxing.”    Pat B., GA


“Excellent massage! Relaxing! The massage helped me move without pain, and gave me an immediate increased range of motion. Thanks for Mrs. Foshee for recommending me to you and thanks to God for giving you her amazing skills!”  Cindy P., GA


"Great work out of muscle massage!" Judy J. GA


 I have had massages before but they are what I call the "feel good" ones....they feel nice at the time but they did not do anything about the problems I was having. My neck and shoulder area hurt all the time and I had difficulty turning my neck as I should. God has given you a gift that sends your hands right to the place(s) that really need stretching out. And for me, not only are you working on tight muscles you ask me what am I doing or not doing? How am I sleeping? sitting? Small things I would not think about that doing some small changes have helped the way I feel. All my muscles thank you for the attention they receive from you!! I gladly tell my friends to " go to my medical massage therapist, she will work on you real well!!" You take care of all of us - working us all in when we call (at times over doing yourself). God Bless and we (Jo and I) will see you soon.  Prayerfully, Sharon C. FL"



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If it wasn't for my therapist, I would not be walking.  I used to walk with a walker and felt so much pain.  Today, thanks to you I feel so much better and able to walk without the walker.  I love you and thank you.  Judith, GA





After you worked on me, I had no pain in my leg.  I had this pain for years.  Thank you. K.L.



I had lower back pain for years, it's amazing that the pain is gone.  You have amazing hands, healing hands.  Thank you very much.  S.L, GA

I had this neck pain for years.  Thanks to you my medical massage therapist, after several treatment of medical massage, I feel so much better.  Gary S., GA